Boomers, step away from the power structure so no one gets hurt

The discussion was getting out of hand on this post, so I removed it…,

Update, July 24, 2023: I was recovering from a pulmonary embolism when I wrote the original post. Even though I received supportive comments from Millennials, the hostile comments from Boomers began to hurt my health. I’ve written far more controversial posts (e.g., posts about clergy misconduct) — but this was the only post I’ve had to remove from my website.

I kept a copy of the post for my own records, and just re-read it today (24 July 2023). Sadly, I still agree with everything I then wrote. No, I’m not going to re-post it. One UU minister, in particular, was especially savage to me, and that person is still out there. I don’t need them attacking me again.

So what offended people about this post? I think what really hurt was when I said that we Boomers (yes, I’m a Boomer myself) need to step away from the power structure of the UUA. We need to let younger people lead. In the years since I wrote this post, I have done my best to follow my own advice. And I’m pleased to note that the last two presidents of the UUA have not been Boomers. Maybe us Boomers are finally learning to let go….