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About comments:

I love reading your comments, and often commenters provide the best writing. Having said that, it’s a harsh world out there and I have to fight constantly to protect this blog from evil comment spammers and trolls. Therefore, please follow these policies:

  • Comments must be non-commercial and on topic.
  • If you link to more than one Web site, my security software is likely to hold your comment for moderation.
  • Comments by people who have not yet posted an approved comment get held for moderation.
  • Due to attacks by malicious spammers, my Internet Service Provider requires that I use use Captchas, so you have to solve a Captcha. It sucks, I know — my apologies.

My blog is a regular target of malicious hacking attacks. Sometimes comments get lost in one of those attacks. If your comment doesn’t appear in a week, please contact me via email.

When you enter a comment, you have to enter your email address and you can also enter a Web site. Make sure you enter your real email address, and a personal Web site. A common practice for comment spammers is to enter fake email addresses and/or spammy URLs, so I check both email addresses and URLs — if you enter something fake or spammy, I’ll nuke your comment.

Since I have very little free time in which to administer this blog, discourteous or off-topic commenters will find that their comments disappear.

Finally, as someone who has had to clean up after clergy misconduct, I reserve the right to refuse comments posted by ministers who have admitted to clergy misconduct, including sexual misconduct, abuse of authority, financial misconduct, etc.; or ministers who have been disciplined for such by the UUA, the MFC, and/or the UUMA; or ministers who have resigned from fellowship with the UUA rather than face charges for such; or ministers who have been convicted in a court of law of sexual abuse of minors, rape, sexual harassment, embezzlement or other financial illegalities, or other illegal acts while serving as a minister. As a Universalist, I recognize that clergy who have engaged in misconduct are persons worthy of God’s love; but I don’t necessarily want their comments on my Web site.

Email and snail mail welcome.

I love to get your email. Be assured I won’t post any email from you without your explicit written permission; and if I have any doubts, I won’t post your email. If you have trouble posting a comment, and decide to send it to me via email, be sure to explicitly state that I have your permission to post that email message as a comment.

You can reach me at danrharper at aol dot com.

I also love to get snail mail. If you send me legible and literate snail mail, I am likely to send you a postcard in return, taken from my large collection of postcards. You can send snail mail to:

Dan Harper
c/o Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto
505 E. Charleston Rd.
Palo Alto, California 94306

This is a personal blog.

Since I am editor and principal writer, this blog represents my own viewpoint. It does not represent the viewpoint of the congregation I serve, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto, nor of any previous congregation I have served while writing this blog (i.e., Unitarian Universalist Society of Geneva, Illinois, and First Unitarian Church of New Bedford, Massachusetts). Nor does it represent the viewpoint of the denomination with which I am affiliated, the Unitarian Universalist Association, not that such a thought would ever cross your mind.

No advertisements, no reviews, no tip jar.

I receive no money for writing this blog. My income is more-or-less adequate, and ministers are supposed to do something in the public sphere, so I don’t have a “tip jar.”

If you still want to make a financial contribution, please help support paid writers and DON’T BUY BOOKS FROM AMAZON. My partner is a writer, and she makes almost no money from the books she is forced to sell on Amazon. When you buy books from Amazon, all you’re doing is screwing writers and supporting Jeff Bezos’s lavish lifestyle. I buy used books from Powells or A Libris — academic books from The Seminary Coop Bookstore (they have great customer service, will order anything for you) — and progressive books and educational books from my local bookstore, Reach and Teach in San Mateo.

I don’t do ads or product placements. If I review something on this blog, it’s because I happen to be interested in it, not because someone paid me or asked me to review it. If you decide to send me something to review, please remember that it’s at your risk, and you shouldn’t be surprised if I don’t write a post about your book, product, Web site, etc. But if I’m interested, I will write about what you send me; you might want to email me to see if I might be interested before you go to the expense of sending something.

I collect as little of your data as possible.

Unlike Facecrook and other social media sites, I collect as little data about you as is possible. I only collect such data as I need to keep this blog operating — please see my Privacy Policy.

I honestly don’t want to aggregate your data so I can predict whether you’re pregnant, or a cat fancier, or whatever. And I am not not interested in selling your personal information to some dodgy “analytics” company so they can help the Russians erode American democracy. To make sure that your data is never endangered when you read what I write, I no longer link this blog to Facecrook.

Warning: I have embedded a number of YouTube videos in this blog, and YouTube DOES want to aggregate your data. Therefore, I recommend you don’t look at YouTube videos when you are logged into Google or YouTube. Or just don’t look at YouTube videos at all.

Copyright notice

Unless noted otherwise, my entire Web site is:

Copyright (c) 1999-present Daniel Harper.

This notice constitutes written permission that Unitarian Universalist congregations, as well as their ministers and lay leaders, may use this copyright-protected material, provided that this copyright notice accompanies all republication, including printed, electronic, audio, video, and all other forms of republication, of this material.

Updated May, 2018.