Thanksgiving with family, pt. 2

Dr. Sharpie, Rolf, Ms. and Mr. Bear, and Elephant share Thanksgiving dinner together. They wonder how Thanksgiving dinner went for Muds and Possum. Just then, Muds and Possum come home….

As usual, full text is below the fold. Part 3 coming soon.

Ms. Bear: Oh good, everyone’s here.

Rolf: The food’s all ready, let’s eat!

Sharpie: Rolf, you know we always say grace before eating Thanksgiving dinner.

Rolf: One of the kids in youth group said grace like this: Rub-a-dub-dub, Thanks for the grub, Yay God!

Sharpie: That’s a good one Rolf, but Elephant already asked if he could say his favorite grace.

Elephant: We give thanks for this food,
For the plants and animals from which it came,
For the farmers and farmworkers who grew it,
For those who packed it and shipped it to us,
For the people in our family who cooked it,
To all these, we give thanks.

Ms. Bear: I like both those graces. Thank you, Rolf. Thank you, Elephant.

Rolf: I wish Possum and Muds could have had Thanksgiving dinner with us.

Ms. Bear: I do, too, Rolf. But it was important for them to see their biological families.

Rolf: Well, I understand that. I’d like to see my family, but Switzerland is just too far away.

Sharpie: And I’d like to see my siblings in Korea, but it just isn’t possible this year.

Ms. Bear: I’m glad we have each other. We may not be biological family, but we are chosen family.

Rolf: Besides, we have all my favorite foods — we have soft food AND kibble AND biscuits!

(Sounds of eating)

Sharpie: Mm, that was good. Thank you, Mr. Bear and Elephant, for cooking such a good meal.

Rolf: I’m so full I can hardly move.

(Door opening)

Muds: Hi, everyone. It’s good to be home. I’ve been traveling all day, so I’m going up to my room to rest. When Possum comes home, could you please tell him that I’m there?

Ms. Bear: Yes, dear, we’ll do that.

(Door opening)

Possum: Hey everybody, it’s good to be home.

Ms. Bear: Muds is waiting for you upstairs, Possum.

…to be continued…

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