Thanksgiving with family, pt. 1

Muds and Possum are worried about going to visit relatives at Thanksgiving, because of uncomfortable conversations with relatives who have differing opinions about climate change, gender, and religion….

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Possum: Muds, I’m worried about Thanksgiving.

Muds: But I thought Thanksgiving was your favorite holiday, because you love to eat.

Possum: Yeah, but this year we’re going to visit some of my relatives — Aunt Possum, Uncle Possum, and my cousins, Possum, Possum, and Possum.

Muds: Are all your relatives called “Possum”?

Possum: Well, yeah, of course. All possums are named “Possum.”

Muds: Oh. Well, what’s the problem with visiting Aunt Possum and Uncle Possum?

Possum: Well, my aunt and uncle and cousins don’t believe in climate change. And they keep saying Unitarian Universalism isn’t a real religion, not like their religion.

Muds: Oh. So the conversation at Thanksgiving dinner could be awkward.

Possum: It WILL be awkward. Me and my siblings try not to talk about the things we don’t agree on. But my cousins always bring up those things up.

Muds: That doesn’t sound good.

Muds: I have a similar problem. When I go back east to visit my family, a lot of my relatives won’t use they-them pronouns for me, because they don’t believe in nonbinary gender. It’s kind of hurtful.

Possum: So — why not just stay at home?

Muds: I tried that. Then my favorite grandparent died, and I went back for the funeral. And I realized I didn’t want to cut off my relatives completely. There’s lots that I like about them. And I like talking about my favorite grandparent with them.

Possum: Well, how often do you go back?

Muds: Maybe for a day every two years is about right for me. In between, I stay in touch with TurtleBook Messenger.

Possum: I could do that with TikPossum.

Muds: Refusing to recognize my gender and using the wrong pronouns is pretty bad, but I decided I’m OK with it once in a while, so I can share memories of my favorite grandparent.

Possum: Muds, you’ve made me feel better about Thanksgiving. I’ll focus on talking about Great-Grandma Possum and Great-Grandpa Possum. And I’ll try to ignore it when they talk about climate change or religion.

…to be continued…

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