Devil’s Slide Trail

On Friday, we walked the Devil’s Slide Trail. This used to be part of Highway 1. It runs through a geologically unstable area, and every year or so a landslide would cut off the road. Since this is the main route to San Francisco from the coastside of San Mateo County, these landslides led to major traffic problems. Finally in 2012, the state completed a tunnel to bypass this a mile and a half stretch of Highway 1, and the county took over the former highway and turned it into a recreational trail. We’ve been meaning to walk this trail ever since, but it wasn’t until last Friday that we did. It was even better than we anticipated, with dramatic scenery like this:

Sure, you could see this scenery when it was a highway and you were driving past, but mostly when you were driving this stretch of road you had to watch the road. Even if you were in the passenger’s seat, at fifty miles an hour you didn’t have time to see the Common Murres clustered on Egg Rock:

Common Murres clustered on top of a large rock formation, with the ocean behind it