Akhenaten, part one

There used to be a Unitarian curriculum on the Pharaoh Akhenaten, purportedly the first monotheist, maybe the first unitarian. This is my take on the Akhenaten story….

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As usual, the full text of the script is below.

Emma: It was fun seeing some of the ancient Greek gods and goddesses.

Greg: As long as you weren’t Prometheus.

Sarah K.: But what about the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses?

John: Yes, they’re even older than the Greek gods and goddesses.

Sarah D.: Let’s go back in time to ancient Egypt!

Narrator: For fifteen hundred years, the same gods and goddesses ruled ancient Egypt.

Khnum: I’m Khnum, the god who made all living creatures from clay on my potter’s wheel.

Sekhmet: I’m Sekhmet, the goddess of war, with magic that can help with healing.

Hathor: I’m Hathor, the sky goddess who is also a cow.

Bes: I’m Bes, the cheeky god who protects humans from evil.

Aten: And me, Aten, god of the sun.

Khnum: Wait, Aten is a god now?

Aten: Yes, now I am a god.

Sekhmet: But you used to be the plain old sun.

Aten: I got upgraded. Now, I am a god.

Hathor: Pharaoh Tuthmosis the fourth decided Aten was a god.

Bes: How come a Pharaoh gets to upgrade Aten into a god?

Khnum: Because Pharaohs are gods themselves.

Sekhmet: Now there’s a new Pharaoh.

Aten: And he really likes me. I think he’s going to upgrade me even more.

Hathor: This is very confusing.

Khnum: Being an Egyptian god is confusing. Sometimes we have heads of animals, sometimes we look like humans.

Aten: I think this new pharaoh is going to get rid of all of you. The only god left will be me, the sun-god.

Khnum: But I’m the one who made all living creatures.

Sekhmet: Yes, everyone knows you need more than one god. They definitely need me, the goddess of war.

Hathor: And where would they be without me, the sky goddess?

Bes: And if there is no god Bes, who will protects humans from evil?

Narrator: But the new pharaoh will use his power to get rid of the old gods and goddesses…. Tune in next week to find out what happens.

British police box image: CC BY SA 2.0 Immanuel Burton

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