Prometheus, part three

The next installment in the series:

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Full script below.

Zeus: I have taken care of that troublemaker Prometheus. Bwah-hah-hah!

Kratos: Hey, Bia, bring him over here.

Bia: OK Prometheus, there’s where we’re going to chain you to the rock.

Prometheus: Ow! I’m coming, Bia, no need to be violent!

Bia: Well, actually I AM the god of violence.

Prometheus: I know, I know. And your friend Kratos there is the god of might and force.

Kratos: So naturally we’re going to push you around.

Bia: Besides, you stole fire from Zeus. You’ve got to expect to be treated roughly.

Hephaestus: Well, sorry Prometheus, old buddy, now I’ve got to chain you to this rock.

Prometheus: I know, I know, so an eagle can peck at my belly.

Hephaestus: Zeus was really annoyed that you stole the fire from my forge and gave it to those humans.

Prometheus: What else could I do? They were so defenseless that a possum ate one for lunch.

Hephaestus [hammering in front of himself]: Fortunately, since you’re a god, even though the eagle pecks at your belly, you’ll heal overnight.

Bia: Hurry up, let’s get this done.

Kratos: Yeah, let’s get a move on, Hephaestus.

Hephaestus: Now we can go. ‘Bye Prometheus!

Prometheus: So here I am, chained to a cliff in the Caucasus Mountains. As the god of foresight, I can see into the future. [concentrates for a moment] Hm. Eventually, I will get rescued.

[Eagle flies at Prometheus]

Prometheus: Ow! Get off, you stupid bird.

Oceanus: Hi, Prometheus. Even though I’m the god of the oceans, I thought I’d visit you here in the mountains. How’s it going?

Prometheus: Well, Oceanus, it’s boring, except of course when the eagle comes and pecks at my belly.

Oceanus: You know, I’m one of the older gods. I could go to Zeus and see if I can get your sentence lightened.

Prometheus: No thanks. Even if I got in trouble with Zeus, it was worth it. Fire has helped the humans learn new arts and sciences.

Oceanus: It sounds like you actually want to take responsibility for your actions.

Prometheus: I am proud of stealing fire for the humans. So I’ll just have to wait here until Hercules comes along and frees me.

Zeus: That should settle Prometheus for a long time. Bwah-hah-hah!

British police box image: CC BY SA 2.0 Immanuel Burton

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