Ecojustice Avenger, part 3

The third installment of the Ecojustice Avenger video series:

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Here’s the full script as written, though it may have been modified in performance or in editing:

Emma: Got the popcorn?

John: Yep, all set.

Sarah: Let’s find the rest of the Senior High Youth Group.

Francesca: Hey guys, over here!

Gavin: I can’t believe I woke up early to attend an online service.

Sarah: Here, Gavin, have some popcorn. [Passes bowl of popcorn to her right]

Gavin [getting popcorn from his left]: Thanks, I haven’t eaten yet.

Emma: Look, it’s Miles’ and Ella’s mom. Come sit over here!

Heather: Thanks! What a crowd, it’s tough to find a seat!

Francesca: Where’s our youth advisors? I hope they’re not late.

Greg: Here we are. Thanks for saving us some seats.

Liam: Here, I baked some cookies. [passes cookies both to the right and to the left]

[Emma, John, and Sarah take cookies from the right.]

Sarah: Thank you!

[Gavin takes cookie from the left.]

[Francesca takes cookie from the left.]

Dan: Sorry we’re late. [holding walkie talkie up] I’m doing Zoom security this morning, to make sure Trashman doesn’t get in to the service.

Carol [looking to left]: Mm, popcorn! I forgot to eat.

[Kostkas passes bowl of popcorn to Carol to the right.]

Carol [taking popcorn from the left]: Mmm!

Francesca: Dan, I can’t believe you actually wore a tie to a virtual Sunday service.

Sarah: Shh, it’s starting!


[Kostkas munching and watching, passing popcorn to left]

[Francesca watching, taking popcorn from right, munching]

[Liam munching and watching, passes popcorn to right]

[Gavin watching, takes cookie from left, munching]

[Greg watching and munching]

[Carol munching, Dan talking on walkie talkie]

Amy [Zoom view]: Your donation goes to support the work of this liberal religious community…

[Bruce operating camera — title: “…in the studio…”]

Amy [studio view, at pulpit]: …please give generously. After all, what is money? Nothing but pieces of paper. It’s just trash. Trash. Trash!

Bruce: Oh no!

Amy [now in Trashman costume]: Bwah hah hah hah hah!

Bruce: Amy is turning into Trashman, right in the middle of a Sunday service!

Amy: I love trash! Glorious trash! And more than trash! I love toxic waste dumps in working class communities! I love global climate change that affects communities of color more than white people! I love insect apocalypse!

Ecojustice class: Why, Trashman, why?

Heather: Ecojustice Avenger, where are you?

[Bruce appears in Trashman costume]

Amy: Bwah hah hah hah hah!

Bruce: NO, Trashman! No more trash! No more toxic waste dumps! No more habitat destruction!

Amy: Oh no! It’s Ecojustice Avenger! I can’t resist his awesome power!

Bruce [in deep voice]: NO!

Amy: Augh! [Disappears behind pulpit.]

John, Emma, and Sarah [looking surprised]: That was strange!

Liam [looking surprised]: What just happened?

Dan [talking on walkie-talkie]: Yes, Trashman is gone! The service is back to normal.

Francesca: Wait, Bruce is Ecojustice Avenger? That doesn’t feel right.

Greg: I don’t understand!! Trashman looks like my friend Ish, and like our minister Amy, AND like Bruce. But today Bruce looked like Ecojustice Avenger. And last time, Francesca looked like Ecojustice Avenger. What’s going on here? I’m so confused!

Gavin: Well, I think I know what’s going on!

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