Ecojustice Avenger, part 1

The first installment of the Ecojustice Avenger series:

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Here’s the full script as written, though it may have been modified in performance or in editing:

Characters for first installment: Barney (Barnabas); Ish (Ishmael); Priscilla; Phoebe

Barney: What a beautiful day, Ish! I’m glad you suggested we go out for a walk. After working in the grocery store all day, and wearing a face mask for eight hours, I was ready to get out.

Ish: It’s not so bad working from home. But I’m tired of sitting inside all day, and being on Zoom meetings for hours. Gee, isn’t it beautiful outside!

Barney: Look, there are our neighbors, Pheobe and Priscilla. Here, I’ll introduce you. Hi Phoebe and Priscilla!

Phoebe: Hi Barney! We’ll stand over here, to keep our social distance.

Barney: This is my housemate Ish.

Phoebe: Good to meet you, Ish! What a lovely day. Now that people aren’t driving their cars so much, you can see that the air is less polluted.

Priscilla: Yes, the air IS cleaner. But did you hear about all the trash that has been getting dumped in our neighborhood? I hate it when people litter.

Phoebe: Yes, and it turns out that the trash in our neighborhood is the work of that dastardly super-villain, Trashman! Look, you can see the city workers cleaning up a huge pile of trash over there. [looking to her left]

REACTION SHOTS OF: Barney [looking to his left]; Priscilla [looking to her left]

Ish [muttering]: Trash. Trash! Suddenly I want to throw trash everywhere….

[Ish turns into Trashman]

REACTION SHOTS OF: Phoebe [looking to her right in horror]; Priscilla [looking to her right in horror]

Barney [looking to his right in horror]: Oh no, it’s Trashman! What have you done with my friend Ish, you dastardly villain? No, nooo, don’t throw trash at me!

Ish [in Trashman costume]: Bwa hah hah hah hah! I throw trash everywhere! Bwa hah hah hah hah! And no one can stop me!

Barney: Well, actually, Trashman, that’s not entirely true. There is one person who CAN stop you.

Phoebe: Yes, Ecojustice Avenger could stop you! Let’s call to them, and see if they will come help us! [looking up to the sky]: Oh, Ecojustice Avenger, we need you!

Priscilla [putting on a superhero-type mask]: Here I am!

Phoebe: Oh, Ecojustice Avenger, save us!

Priscilla [holding out a leaf]: Take that, Trashman!

Ish [as Trashman — cowering]: Oh no, it’s Ecojustice Avenger! No, don’t hit me with that leaf! Augh! [shrinks down out of the scene]

Phoebe: Oh, thank you, Ecojustice Avenger for saving us! Wait, where did they go?

Barney: Hmm. Ecojustice Avenger looked a lot like someone I know. But who?

Ish [back in his regular clothes]: What happened? What’s going on?

Phoebe: Ish, you missed it! Trashman suddenly appeared, and the Ecojustice Avenger showed up and hit him with a leaf!

Barney: Come to think of it, Trashman also looked a lot like someone I know. But who?

Voice over: Will Trashman return to Tall Tree City? Who is Ecojustice Avenger, anyway? Tune in next week for the next adventure of — Ecojustice Avenger!

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