What I did with my Saturday

“The punk rock of choral music” — that’s what some people call Sacred Harp singing. It’s loud, highly rhythmic, often with fast tempi. And that’s what I did with my Saturday: I went to an all-day Sacred Harp singing. We sang nearly 90 songs out of a tunebook called The Sacred Harp, including a tune called “Rainbow,” originally composed in 1785 by Timothy Swan:

And this one, called Zion, composed in 1959:

Like punk rock, this is music that can be cathartic, ecstatic, raucous. Or just plain fun.

One thought on “What I did with my Saturday”

  1. Well you did seem to be having fun while I was weeding in the garden and when the UU group returned from our tour of the Palo Alto Masjid. Given your position as youth minister I note that Saturday was their children’s school. There were probably around 40 to 50 present that we saw when they broke for lunch in the social room; we were also in the room getting a short slide presentation on Dawoodi Bohras and some samosas.

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