Possum still feels stressed, part one

A few months ago, Dr. Sharpie showed Possum some spiritual practices that might make him feel less stressed. Possum says those spiritual practices don’t work any more for him, but Sharpie has an idea….

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Possum presents: Halloween costumes for stuffies

Possum, Packrat, and Dr. Sharpie — er, Queen Sharpie — present photos from UUCPA kids showing their stuffies in Halloween costumes. Whose costume is best? Queen Sharpie has an answer…. (Updated version of the video, with three more stuffie costumes.)

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Complete text of the video is below the fold….

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Prometheus, part one

William R. Jones, UU theologian and one-time religious educator, pointed out may years ago that the myth of Prometheus serves as a useful counter to the myth of Adam and Eve. For Adam and Eve, rebellion is sinful; for Prometheus, “a response of rebellion is soteriologically authentic.” Although Jones considers the Prometheus myth to be important for humanists, I think Prometheus is important for anyone who is an existentialist — which means almost every Unitarian Universalist today, whether they are humanist existentialists, Christian existentialists, pagan existentialists, Buddhist existentialists,….

That means the myth of Prometheus should be an integral part of Unitarian Universalist religious education for kids. Here’s one attempt to make that happen, as several ordinary people go back in time to relive the myth o Prometheus:

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Full script is below….

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