Sabala the Cow, pt. 2

The conlusion of last week’s tale from the Ramayana….

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As usual, full script is below the fold….

Sharpie: It’s time to finish our story from the Ramayana.

Possum: The queen has just threatened to take Sabala the Cow away from the hermit.

Castor-the-hermit: I cannot sell Sabala to you. She is my friend, and gives me the offerings I make to the gods, including the pure butter which feeds the sacred fire.

Queen Sharpie: Then my army will take her by force.

Rolf-the cow: No, I won’t leave!

Castor-the-hermit: Sabala, the soldiers will try to capture you again.

Rolf-the-cow: Remember I have more than mortal powers. I’ll raise up an army bigger than the Queen’s army.

Possum: Sabala’s army defeated the Queen’s army. Then the Queen’s children attacked the hermit. But the wise and good hermit had amazing powers. He blew at them, and they turned to ashes.

Castor-the-hermit: Force and violence can never overpower wisdom and religious strength.

Queen Sharpie: To defeat this powerful hermit, I’ll have to become like him. I’ll turn over my queendom to my child, and devote myself to religion.

Possum: The Queen started meditating and fasting. She gained such power that the god Shiva took notice, and visited her, asking her what powers and gifts he could give her.

Queen Sharpie: Give me all the weapons used by the gods and goddesses.

Queen Sharpie: I’ll show you that you can’t mess with a Queen. I will fling at you darts from the gods, tipped with poison.

Castor-the-hermit: And my staff will absorb all their energy.

Queen Sharpie: Then I will throw at you the flaming spear of Brahama.

Castor-the-hermit: My staff will absorb that, too. You pursued religious study, but you’re still a warrior at heart. My knowledge and self-control are more powerful than your violence.

Possum: All the gods and goddesses said to the Queen, “Admit it, the hermit has humbled you, because your heart is still filled with desrie and anger.”

Queen Sharpie: All my magical weapons were baffled by the hermit’s power. I will have to leave behind my anger, leave behind my love of battle, and make my heart calm and serene.

Possum: The Queen did master her anger, and became calm and serene. At last she became a true sage like the hermit. The two of them became friends, and they lived peacefully ever after.

Rolf: Wow, in the end the Queen was able to change.

Possum: But she had to learn how to stop being so greedy.

Castor: And she had to learn how to be calm and serene in her heart.

Sharpie: She thought if she learned some new skills, she could get whatever she wanted in life. Then she learned that what’s most important is to be a good person.

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