The Pool of Enchantment, part two

The conclusion of the tale from the Ramayana.

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Full script below the fold.

Sharpie: We left Queen Yudhisthira at the pool of enchantment, where her four siblings were lying dead.

Rolf: I need to know what happened next!

Edgar/Crane: Do not drink, O Queen, until you have answered my questions.

Sharpie/Queen: Who are you? What do you want?

Crane: I am not a bird, but a Yaksha!

Possum: And the Queen saw a vague outline of a huge being above crane, towering above the lofty trees, glowing like an evening cloud.

Queen: It seems I must obey, and answer your questions before I drink. Ask me what you will, and I will use what wisdom I have to answer you.

Possum: So the Yaksha, who was disguised as a crane, began asking questions that seemed impossible to answer.

Crane: What makes the sun move around the sky?

Queen: The Dharma, right behavior, duty and law, moves the Sun around the sky.

Crane: What is the true nature of the Sun?

Queen: Truth is the true nature of the Sun.

Possum: There were so many questions. Some of the questions concerned the duty of a religious person.

Crane: What is it, that when you cast it aside, makes you lovable?

Queen: When you cast aside pride, you become lovable.

Edgar: What is it, that when you cast it aside, makes you happy?

Queen: When you cast aside greed, you become happy.

Possum: Some of the questions were about philosophy and the meaning of life.

Crane: What is faster than the wind?

Queen: A person’s thoughts are faster than the wind.

Crane: What sort of person is most noble?

Queen: The person who desires the well-being of all creatures is most noble.

Possum: The Queen answered all the questions wisely and well. At last the Yaksha stopped asking questions, and revealed who he was. He was Yama-Dharma, the god of Death — and the Queen’s father.

Crane: It was I who took on the shape of a deer and stole the wood, so that you would have to chase after me. Now you may drink. And you may choose which of your siblings I bring back to life.

Queen: Bring Nakula back to life.

Crane: Why not the other three?

Queen: Nakula’s mother is Madri, and Kunthi is mother of the rest of us. Bring Nakula back so both Madri and Kunthi will still have a child.

Possum: Upon hearing this, Yama-Dharma began to fade away. He said, “You are truly just and wise. Because of your wisdom, love, and justice, I will return ALL of your siblings to life.”

Edgar: So the Crane was both the mysterious Voice, and also Yama-Dharma.

Sharpie: The Queen really was wise, wasn’t she?

Rolf: I’m glad the story has a happy ending.

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