Stuffed Animal Sleepover memories

A video of memories of the stuffed animal sleepover:

Clicking on the photo will take you to the Youtube video

Here’s the full script as written, though it may have been modified in performance or in editing:

Mr. Bear: Last week’s Stuffed Animal Sleepover was so much fun.

Ms. Bear: Let’s show some of our favorite photos from the sleepover. Dr. Sharpie, can you start the slide show?

Sharpie: Mm-hm. [Slideshow begins]

Mr. Bear: I wish we could have a sleepover at UUCPA every week, so I could see my stuffed animal friends.

Ms. Bear: Yes, it’s sad that we can’t see our stuffie friends every week. But think about the UUCPA humans: because of COVID-19, they won’t get to see all their human friends at UUCPA for months.

Mr. Bear: Well, it’s very nice then that we can show them all their favorite places at UUCPA. And it’s nice that we got to drink hot chocolate for them.

Ms. Bear: Remember when Pengui spotted the trash, and we were worried Trashman would appear?

Mr. Bear: Thank goodness Ecojustice Avenger showed up in time to prevent that! Ms. Bear, do you think we’ll be able to have another stuffed animal sleepover at UUCPA?

Ms. Bear: Yes, we will. I’ll be talking with Amy and Dan, the UUCPA ministers, to figure out a time for another sleepover.

Mr. Bear: We’re coming to my favorite part of the sleepover.

Ms. Bear: You mean playing Red Light, Green Light?

Mr. Bear: No, my favorite part was the evening worship service. I felt so peaceful afterwards. [Slide show ends]

Ms. Bear: It’s fun looking at these photos.

Mr. Bear: I can’t wait until we have another sleepover!

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