Ecojustice Avenger, part 4

The fourth and final installment in the Ecojustice Avenger series:

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Here’s the full script as written, though it may have been modified in performance or in editing:

Francesca: As president of the youth group, I’ve called this meeting to figure out what’s going on with Ecojustice Avenger and Trashman.

Greg: At first I thought Ecojustice Avenger was Priscilla. Then I thought Ecojustice Avenger was Francesca. Then I thought Ecojustice Avenger was Bruce. I’m so confused!

Sarah: What about Trashman? Once it looked like Amy was Trashman, and another time it looked like Bruce was Trashman.

Francesca: I’ve also asked Miles’ and Ella’s mom to join us, since she seems to have the superpower of calling Ecojustice Avenger.

Heather: All I do is say “Ecojustice Avenger, we need you,” and they show up.

Ella: Guys, I think I know what’s going on.

Sarah: What? Tell us!

Ella: Anybody can be Trashman.

John: But how is that possible?

Ella: Well, anyone can do things that harm the environment, and harm other humans.

Heather: You’re right. I do my best to help the environment, but I also know that white people use up more natural resources on average than people of color. Sometimes I look like Trashman to other people.

John: And if you look at the history of the United States, poor people are more likely to suffer from environmental problems than middle class people like me.

Sarah: I guess it doesn’t take much to turn someone into Trashman. Like this. Greg, here’s some trash! [throws crumpled paper]

Greg [starts acting like Trashman]: Trash? Trash! I love trash!…

John: No! Stop it! You are NOT Trashman!

Greg [calming down again]: I’m not Trashman? You’re right, I’m not!

Ella: Also, anyone can be Ecojustice Avenger. You don’t even need a costume. Go ahead, mom, do your stuff.

Heather: Ecojustice Avenger, where are you?

Sarah [striking an Ecojustice Avenger pose]: Here I am!

Francesca [striking an Ecojustice Avenger pose]: Here I am!

Greg [striking an Ecojustice Avenger pose]: Here I am!

John [striking an Ecojustice Avenger pose]: Here I am!

Ella: See what I mean?

Dan: Wait, what’s going on? Did I miss something?

Greg: Well, anyone can be Ecojustice Avenger — BUT you have to be paying attention to what’s going on around you!

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