Another eclipse photo

Carol took this photo of last night’s lunar eclipse, just as the earth’s shadow had covered all but the tiniest sliver of the full moon. The moon was partly obscured by the faintest of cloud cover — the clouds obscure some of the detail, but they also cast a romantic halo at the bright edge of the moon.

Lunar eclipse, April 14, 2014

Lunar eclipses are just so amazing; photos cannot do them justice. Watching the progress of the eclipse is like watching mathematics happen in front of your eyes; it’s as good as listening to music.

Photo copyright (c) 2014 Carol Steinfeld. Used by permission.

One thought on “Another eclipse photo”

  1. Gorgeous. Where I live, the cloud cover, or to be precise the fog, was so heavy that I could only catch the moon in glimpses, which were sometimes as brief as a second or two. This had an interesting time-lapse effect: each time I caught sight of the moon, the eclipse had progressed quite a lot. I wished i was somewhere that I could just watch the whole thing, though. It was very beautiful. I love your description, and Carol’s photo.

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