Free weddings in Palo Alto, if Prop 8 goes down!

If the Supreme Court declines to hear the appeal on the lower court’s ruling overturning Proposition 8, same-sex marriage will be legal again in California. And if that happens, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto ( will offer free weddings for one day about a week after the Supreme Court announcement — we’re saying about a week afterwards, because it’s unclear how long it will take Santa Clara County clerks to issue marriage licenses. The deal goes for opposite-sex couples, too.

We can’t set a firm date yet, for obvious reasons. In the mean time, please help spread the word — if Prop 8 goes down, we’ll do free weddings for a day!

4 thoughts on “Free weddings in Palo Alto, if Prop 8 goes down!”

  1. Does that include the DJ and photographer?
    Or do you mean only free solemnization with complimentary license signing?
    Well, nice idea even so.

  2. Deborah, I’ll have my iPod with Gregorian chants, Amy will snap pics with her smartphone, and we’re working on a free flower girl too.

  3. Shannon sends the following email:

    “From my contacts:

    “Quick update: there is NO news from the court today on the Prop 8 or DOMA cases. SCOTUS Blog says the next conference they might discuss the cases further would beFriday Dec. 7. (We called the US Supreme Court public information office this morning, and they stated that they expect to issue no similar orders lists until Friday or Monday of next week).”

  4. Oh, the flower girl is a sure thing. I’m just not telling her about it in advance, because what if no couples showed up? She’d be so disappointed. Her favorite pages in our wedding album are the cake and the flower girls.

    I’m sure that folks at UUCPA will rally around to bring bubbly, flowers, cake, etc. Probably no DJ. But we go well beyond solemnization to celebration. Wheeeeee! Hope we don’t have to wait ’til June, or longer . . .

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