I got on a BART train today at about two in the afternoon. An ad next to the door of the train proclaimed:

Judgment Day
May 12, 2011

At six o’clock, the predicted time when Judgment Day was going to come (725,000 days after Jesus was executed, or something like that), I was sitting eating dinner with some friends. “We’re still here,” someone said.

I just went to check the Web site of Family Radio — that’s the Web site controlled by Harold Camping, the guy who’s been predicting the end of the world. Their Web site is still up and running, and it still says:

Judgment Day
May 21, 2011
00 days left

And their radio station is still broadcasting (they stream it live on the Web site if you want to check it out) — and the announcer just said that he’ll back back again tomorrow.

I guess that means the Rapture is off. So what happened? Was it supposed to be 7,250,000 days, not 725,000 days? Does God count in hexadecimal? Or maybe God prefers prime numbers (this is a prime number year after all) so it’s going to be the next largest prime, 725,009?

I’m sure they’ll come up with some reason or another why the Rapture didn’t come today. And I would love to hear your speculations on where they did their math wrong.

3 thoughts on “Raptured”

  1. There is Spirit working in this time — of revolution, people’s need to speak out, act out and be heard — IMO these Rapture folks do not have it quite right —

    But I hear them giving voice to the need for simpler answers to the chaos, unemployment, and other challenges — There are too many screens and too little authenticity and thoughtful leadership and dialogue across the planet. (I feel hopeful and optimistic these days and cheer on social media.)

  2. Hi Dan, it’s me Owen (the dog). There wasn’t a rapture because dogs got together and sent a message to dog (that’s how we spell god) and our message was that we like it here and if dog took all of you nice people away we’d miss you. And — AND — we’d be stuck with the mean people who *wouldn’t* get raptured. You know. Like Michael Vick. People like THAT.
    So that’s why there wasn’t a rapture.
    And we’re glad most of you are still here.
    Love, me, Owen

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