Bike party

We came out of the theatre at about eleven o’clock and looked to see if it was safe to cross the street. A whole passel of bicycles was coming at us. “Bike party!” said one of the bicyclists as they came near. We watched for about five minutes as clumps of bicycles passed by. There was a break in the bikes, and I scurried across; Carol wiated for another couple of minutes for another break in the bikes before she got across. There were enough bikes that we weren’t going to be able to get the car out easily, so we stood on the sidewalk and watched. Hardly anyone seemed to be talking to one another, except that everyone once in a while someone say, “Bike party!” A few of the bikes were playing recorded music ranging from rap to norteno to classic rock. Two daredevils rode too fast and weaved in and out of the other bikes, but most people just rode along fairly sedately. It looked a little boring to me, but then I never was one for making long bike rides in a group. Finally, along came two motorcycle cops, a few stragglers on bikes, and that was it. We got in our car and drove home.

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  1. My name is Bridgette and I am so glad that you were able to taste just a drop of San Jose Bike Party and what they are are about and what they have brought to my life. My son, Justin, has been involved in this movement for the past four years. Through Bike Party and the wonderful people he has met through them he had the courage to launch his own company. My son has the respect and love of his fellow riders, i have seen this first hand and it has brought tears to my eyes. So much so that I devote weeks of every month to the next ride. I have made SPACE ALIEN GUNS and COWBOY HATS for the Space vs Cowboys Ride in March, Animal foam for the April ANIMAL RIDE, and set up a facade BIKE PROM last night. I had corsages, boutinneres that (THANK YOU TO JAZMINE TITMAN FOR MAKING THE CORSAGES)we gave out next to our “punch table” along with prom king and queen crowns. I made a poofy silly tulle and rose back drop so those that were in the spirit could have their prom pics taken. I lose money every ride, but the environment, the friendships forged, the experience alone is worth it. So while I am happy that you got to taste a drop of what “WE” are about (yes, its now WE! Couldnt imagine a month without the headache and stress of that months theme!) I am so sorry you werent able to see all of us and see how we really roll!

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