Yet another stupid UU joke

A newcomer took a seat in one of the pews at First Unitarian. When the minister began preaching about liberal theology, the newcomer became more and more enthusiastic, and finally shouted “Amen!” when the preacher definitively proved the use of reason was essential to religion.

There was a long-time member of the church in the next pew, who leaned over and glared at the newcomer. “In this church, we do not shout ‘Amen’ during the sermon,” hissed the long-time member.

The newcomer, looking flustered, said, “But I’ve got religion!”

“Well,” hissed the long-time member, “you did not get it here!

3 thoughts on “Yet another stupid UU joke”

  1. I do recall the congregant who asked “who the hell do you think you are to bring confession into this church?” – no joke….but funny….

  2. What makes jokes funny is that they expose our growing edges, blind spots, and weaknesses. There are very few UU jokes that do not point out our tendency to be an “alternative TO religion,” rather than a “religious alternative”. I look forward to the day when our jokes have changed…because the world doesn’t need an “alternative to religion” any more.

  3. Ms. M. and Christine — You might both be interested to know that this was originally a joke about a country Protestant who goes in to the big city and attends a big-city mainline Protestant church (I think Presbyterian in the version I heard).

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