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Friday video: Autumnal tints video postcard

Another video postcard — this time “Autumnal Tints in New England.” It’s shamelessly pastoral, with however the realistic inclusion of passing SUVs and airplane noise overhead. All video shot in and around Concord, Massachusetts, in Minuteman National Historical Park and Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge. (1:05)

Friday video: The empty jar

Story time, Unitarian Universalist style! In this week’s video, I read Jesus’s parable of the empty jar, from the Gospel of Thomas (one of the books that didn’t make it into the official Christian scriptures). Then I talk about a few possible interpretations of the parable, but since I’m a Unitarian Universalist minister I refuse to come up with one final correct interpretation. (5:05)

Note to nitpickers: Yeah, I know I’m posting the “Friday Video” on Saturday. Before you start picking nits, remember that I do this as a hobby, and sometimes life makes it difficult to keep to schedules.

One Web Day 2007

How would you like to change the world in the future? — that’s one of the questions asked by the organizers of One Web Day. I changed this question a little bit, and asked how the Web should change in the future. Short answer: we need better Web navigation, and better online content.

Watch the video, and see what you think — and if you think you could have done better than I did, you’re right, so get out there and make your own online video! New media can change the world — but only if you help create it. (3:03)


Years ago, I read this huge book by Allan Kaprow about happenings. So here’s a recreation of a happening by George Brecht, as best I can remember it from that long-ago book. (2:49)

More Brecht scores/scripts: Link. A “performance” of one of Brecht’s works on the Web: Link.

“Project Footstool”

A peek at some of the 146 works of fabric art hidden away in the sanctuary of First Unitarian in New Bedford. I particularly like the diversity of styles — some of the works are reflective of fabric art from that era (rough textures, subdued colors), others reflect a more traditional sensibility, and some are just outrageously bright. 3:24

(This video was scheduled to be posted last Friday, but I ran into technical glitches and had to re-shoot parts of it — now you know why the opening title says “Friday Video,” even though today is Wednesday.)

Universalism for such times as these

Did you know that a recent poll shows 69% of United States residents believe in hell? Maybe it’s time to dust off some of those old Universalist beliefs — you know, those old beliefs that there is no hell and that each person is of infinite value. This is a longish video — 9:56 — so set aside some time to relax and enjoy it.

Note: I think Web videos should feel like you’re having a one-on-one conversation with someone. Most of the sermons I’ve watched online have been pretty unsatisfactory because they show the preacher talking to a big crowd — not to me personally — and because they’re too long. This video is my attempt at presenting this Sunday’s sermon in a shorter and more personal form. However, I admit that it’s an experiment I won’t repeat very often, because it took three hours to rewrite the sermon and to shoot and edit this ten-minute video.

Wait, what does this church stand for?…

Ferry Beach Conference Center, Saco, Maine

This year’s theme at the annual religious education conference is how to spread the word about Unitarian Universalism. Which raises the interesting question — how do you tell a visitor to your church what “Unitarian Universalism” means, anyway? I interview Peter Newport, one of the ministers at the Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Unitarian Universalist church, and I ask him that very question.

Not to kill the suspense, but we don’t come up with an answer…. (1:24)

Video postcard: Horseneck Beach

My older sister lives in Richmond, Indiana. She doesn’t get to see the ocean very often. I live in New Bedford, and see the ocean just about every day (OK, so mostly what I see is PCB-laden New Bedford Harbor, but it’s still salt water). So when I went to the beach today, I made Jean a video postcard showing sun, sand, flotsam, and jetsam.