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Asides Random short bits.

Arts & culture — Everything from visual arts to general cultural commentary.

Ecology, religion, justice — Just what it says (and that’s justice, not politics, OK?).

  • Eco-scripture — What the scriptures of Christianity and other world religions have to say about ecosystems (don’t be cynical, it’s more than you think).
  • Ecojustice — The intersection of economic and ecological justice, and can you believe that race and class play into all that?
  • Ecotheology — Ecological theology, or how religion can take an ecosystems viewpoint.
  • Nature — Both Nature (capital “N”) in the Emersonian sense, and life sciences.
  • Justice — You know:– peace, equal marriage rights, things like that.

Housekeeping — Updates about what’s going on with this blog.

Liberal religion — Too much about Unitarian Universalism, not enough about other spiritual progressives.

  • Church administration — Maybe it’s sick, but I just love administration.
  • Engaging worship — Mostly, worship is far from engaging. Maybe we could change that if we all tried.
  • Marketing & church growth — I used to be a salesman, and those instincts never die.
  • Religious education — Educating young people (and adults) in how to do religion.
  • Tech and religion — Spiritual progressives need to move into the 21st C., technologically speaking.
  • Theology — Thoughtful reflections on religious theory and praxis, from a pragmaticist standpoint.
  • Youth ministry — Teenagers do religion too, you know.

Meditations — Meditative writing (not that “meditative” always means “calm”).

Sense of place — Writing about places.

Video blog (vlog) entries — A collection of the short video blog entries I posted in 2006-2007.


Articles | Pages

About this blog — policies, factoids, trivia.
All theology is local: sense of place — about places we’ve lived since this blog began.
Birds of New Bedford Harbor
Ecological theology — very short.
Evolution — the game, not the biological concept.
Folkish hymns in SLT and SJT — folk-type songs in the two current Unitarian Universalist hymnals.
Folkish songs for worship — including a few lead sheets.
New? Start here… — quick intro to the blog.
Seashells and marine invertebrates of New Bedford Harbor
Shape note hymns in SLT
Sources for the history of Universalist laypeople in New Bedford
Sources for the history of Universalist preaching and ministers in New Bedford
Sources for the history of Unity Home / North Unitarian Church in New Bedford
Sources on the general history of Universalism in New Bedford
What do Unitarian Universalists believe? — video plus text resources to answer this question.
What is a post-Christian? — attempt at a definition.


Special events

2008 Unitarian Universalist General Assembly
2007 Unitarian Universalist General Assembly
2006 Unitarian Universalist General Assembly
2005 Unitarian Universalist General Assembly

Podcamp Boston in 2007, 2008

New England Folk Festival in 2008, 2009.

Sf cons: Boskone 44 | Boskone 45 | Arisia 2009


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Departments [deprecated] From April to November, 2007, I roughly followed this publishing schedule:

  • Monday: Congregational life
  • Tuesday: Stories from real life
  • Wednesday: Congregational life (and marketing)
  • Thursday: Theology
  • Friday: Book review
  • Saturday: Anything goes
  • Sunday: Meditation