Podcamp Boston 2

Podcamp Boston 2 is over, it was inspiring, and here is one reflection on Podcamp (ban Powerpoint presentations!) along with a little about three inspiring sessions I attended.

Oh, and I really mean it about the non-linearity. (3:46)

Note: video host blip.tv is defunct, so this video no longer exists.

4 thoughts on “Podcamp Boston 2

  1. Jean

    I like your green puppet (non-linear comment #1)

    PowerPoint is the 21st century visual equivalent of Charlie Brown’s waa-waa teacher non-narrative voiceover (non-linear comment #7)

    Monetizing, alternate definition: It’s a new floor wax system. (non-linear comment #8.1)

    And a dessert topping. (this one counts as linear, comment #8.2)

  2. Plush Cthulhu

    Dani — Your devotion to Me is noted. While I love all My minions equally, those who slaver and gibber particularly nicely will be devoured first.

    Jean — It was demeaning of you to call me a mere “green puppet.” You will be allowed to slaver and gibber for a long time before I devour you.

  3. Dani

    I still want that mini version of you, oh Cthulhu, located quaintly in our humble church of the Cthulhu, codename: First Unitarian.

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