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Elevator speech #4

Note: video host is defunct, so this video no longer exists.

The final elevator speech that I videoblogged at the General Assembly workshop on “Spreading UUism Using New Media.” I greatly appreciate the four people who agreed to talk in front of a camera — it’s much harder to give your elevator speech to a camera as opposed to a real person. I really liked each of the four elevator speeches.

Now it’s your turn. Videotape your “elevator speech,” summarizing your religious faith in a brief statement that lasts about as long as a ride in an elevator. Post your video online at YouTube, or And please put a link to your video in the comments below, so we can all watch the various elevator speeches.

Donald receives an award

A bunch of us are here in the Webworkers’ room at General Assembly, trying to get get stories and video posted to the UUA Web site. Everything is supposed to be done by tomorrow morning. I think the deadline pressure is, um, affecting us….

Note: video host is defunct, so this video no longer exists.

Elevator speech #2

Another elevator speech from the workshop “Spreading UUism Using New Media.”

Note: video host is defunct, so this video no longer exists.

Transcript of this elevator speech by commenter Martin:

Q: I heard you say you’re a Unitarian Universalist. What does that mean?

A: That’s a big mouthful. But it means that we are a movement of diverse people who unite around the idea of human dignity. And we figure that religious mysteries should be determined ultimately by each person. You can be humanist or theist, Christian or non-Christian. But so long as we’re committed to the dignity and worth of every person, we believe that we can be in a religious community together.

Q: Sounds like a pretty cool church. So where is your church?

A: [gives address]. We meet at 11 o’clock, and let me know when you are coming, I’ll be there to greet you.

Elevator speech #1

During the workshop “Spreading UUism Using New Media,” we shot four short videos. I asked volunteers from the audience to come forward and give their “elevator speech,” i.e., the capsule summary of Unitarian Universalism that they would give if they were riding on an elevator with someone who wanted to know what the Unitarian Uni-whatever stuff was, anyway….

P.S. If you think you could do a better elevator speech, don’t complain in the comments — shoot a video of yourself giving your elevator speech, post it online somewhere, and then give us the link to your elevator speech in the comments.

Note: video host is defunct, so this video no longer exists.