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Attack ads everywhere

It’s the political season, and attack ads are everywhere. You’ve probably seen the Nietzsche attack ad, the Kant attack ad, and you may even have seen the third-party candidate Kierkegaard attack ad.

No way can I top those. But nonetheless, I couldn’t resist creating a Ralph Waldo Emerson attack ad (0:58)….

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Oh, and there is also a Thomas Jefferson attack ad.

Friday videos

Just over a year ago, I started posting short videos on this blog, with the goal of posting a new video each week. The most popular videos have been the ones dealing with the Bible from a liberal religious perspective; least popular have been the videoblog entries. With 40+ videos online and a total of 4,700+ total views, the online videos are a small but important part of this blog’s overall traffic.

At the moment, I’ve stopped production to think about what direction I might want to take. Your suggestions, as always, are most welcome — you can leave your ideas in the comments section. And I’ll be rolling out new videos beginning in April, with new theme music and a new look.

The words of the teacher

In which a toy car is a Biblical prophet.

[OK, this may be a little too “post-modern” or non-linear for some of you, but it’s short (only 1:52). Bible geeks: yes, it’s Ecclesiastes 1.1-9, 15; KJV; a little bit re-arranged.]

Death’s heads and sunrises

I’m giving a talk on Puritan-era gravestones this Thursday, and I’ve been obsessing over the slides I’m going to show during the talk. So I had this idea of doing a sort of music video with death’s heads and cherubs and other images from gravestones, all jumping around to the music. Well, I don’t have the time to do something like that, so I made this video instead… which I admit is a little quirky.

[For you gravestone geeks out there, the stones were photographed at Old Hill Burying Ground in Concord, Mass. (most of the ones in the first third of the video, including those carved by the Lamson family and the Worcester family), the old burying ground in Acushnet, Mass. (many of the broken stones are from there, including the one that appears to be carved by one of Stevens family from Newport), the Naskatucket graveyard in Fairhaven, Mass. (including another possible Stevens stone and the phenomenal sunrise stone towards the end), and Westport Friends burying ground (the granite stone marked “R.B” comes from there).]