Friday video: I’m still alive

(1:51) Conceptual artist On Kawara did a long-running art piece where every day he sent a postcard (or sometimes a telegram) to various friends, giving the date, and saying “I’m still alive.” For all I know, he’s still doing it. I’ve just compressed the concept, and translated it to new media….

I think conceptual art and progressive religion are vaguely related. Worship in the progressive church looks more like conceptual art or a happening or performance art, whereas more traditional worship in the Western tradition looks more like sacred theatre.

1 thought on “Friday video: I’m still alive

  1. Dani

    Think this: eating french fries while reading Fast Food Nation.

    Totally would open up a blackhole somewhere, right? Well, I did it. And I had photographic evidence, until my cellphone crapped out on me.

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