The freighter Green Honduras (a reefer out of Nassau, Bahamas, 420 ft. length overall, gross tonnage 7,743) is in port right now. Looks like they’re unloading fruit, perhaps citrus from Africa. I spent some time this afternoon just standing there watching them unload the cargo, and I made this video to justify wasting all that time spent doing nothing. (2:16)

Note: video host is defunct, so this video no longer exists.

3 thoughts on “Freighter

  1. Jean

    Dear Dan,
    Today Owen and I watched the later afternoon sun break through the dark clouds in the Midwest and cast a gold glow over the changing trees and the last crops in the fields. We thought about your port, and the boat, and we decided to go watch some grain trucks being loaded with soybeans. It’s a lot like watching a freighter get unloaded. We liked it.
    Love, Jean (& Owen)

  2. mat c

    Hi. I live across the harbor and have watched that ship for the past few days. i took a drive by too. I really wanted to see it go through the drawbridge, but when i heard that HUGE horn blast this morning, though the fog was thick, I knew I missed it. It’s fascinating to watch the comings and goings from over this side of the river. cheers -mat

  3. Dan

    Hey mat c — I’ve only seen the big freighters go in or out a couple of times. Watched one go in the harbor from the hurricane barrier, which gave a long view — and Carol and I saw one actually hit the swingspan bridge on the way out, while standing on Fish Island.

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