Bring back blogging

Twitter is in meltdown. Ash and Ryan want to bring back blogging. So they created a site called Bring Back Blogging. They have a simple idea:

  • Create some longer-form content
  • Serve it up through an RSS feed (blog, Tumblr, Substack, whatever)
  • Commit to three posts inJanuary
  • Submit your blog to their site, and they put it in their directory.
  • Follow other people’s RSS feeds.

I’d add:

  • Comment on, or blog about, someone else’s blog. (In fact, you don’t have to have your own blog, you can comment on other people’s blogs)

Ash and Ryan aimed their pitch at artists, writers, etc., so I didn’t submit my blog to their directory. But the rest of us can do this, too. And if you start blogging (again), post a comment here.

(Thanks to Scott for this link.)

4 thoughts on “Bring back blogging”

  1. I have been thinking that this is a good idea for a while since FB is increasing more frustrating and I want to share longer content. Thanks Dan

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I have also been frustrated by short-format content and wishing for blogging to return. My own blog has gotten a bit dusty while I slogged through grad school – but now that I’m graduated I need and want to post regularly again…

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