It’s public now. I’ll be resigning from the UU Church of Palo Alto as of July 31. I’ll post my resignation letter below the fold. The congregation that hired me hasn’t posted this on its website yet — when they do, I’ll post that info here.

Dear friends,

After more than 12 years at UUCPA, I’ve decided to accept an offer to serve another UU congregation. I’ve greatly enjoyed serving as your minister of religious education. But as I thought about what my next professional challenges might be, I decided to return to parish ministry. As it happens, I’ll also be returning to New England, closer to family.

My decision has been in the works for more than a year, but I feel able to leave now because UUCPA’s religious education programs have come through the pandemic extraordinarily well. Our adult programs are stronger than ever, with really top-notch online classes that draw as many as 35 attendees. Our children and youth programs are showing great vitality, and we have new families making inquiries or just showing up almost every week.

UUCPA’s strong religious education programs are above all the result of an incredibly talented group of volunteers. Indeed, UUCPA has the strongest team of religious education volunteers I have ever had the privilege of working with. Talented Sunday school teachers, inspired adult program leaders, dedicated OWL teachers, organized committee members — UUCPA has it all. UUCPA’s volunteers are the reason our capital campaign consultant told us that we have the reputation of having the best UU religious education program in the South Bay.

The exact schedule for my departure will have to be worked out with the Board. With vacation and General Assembly, my last day at UUCPA will probably be sometime in mid-June. I hope to see you all many times at UUCPA before then. Come next Sunday, and join all the other people who are enjoying the fun, COVID-safe programming at UUCPA!

See you soon, Dan Harper