Family memories

For a long time, I didn’t watch films or video. I used to tell people that online videos had spoiled me, so much so that I was no longer able to watch anything that lasted longer than 3 minutes. But what really happened was that I got sick of movies and television. It is true that I got caught up in the burst of creativity that marked the early days of online video, starting in about 2005. Remember some of those creative, interesting web series hosted on Then online video morphed into memes, cat videos, and brazen efforts to monetize monetize monetize. So I stopped watching film and video, again.

But recently I’ve found short films by some really good creative filmmakers on There’s also a lot of crap on Vimeo, as you’d expect. Here are some films worth watching, all relating to the topic of family memories:

Signe Barvild Staehr “The Nannies”

Devon Blackwell “Friends Who Remember”

Carole Nguyen “No Crying at the Dinner Table”