Birth of Buddha

Let’s go back in time to find out about the birth of Buddha — is it like the Christmas story in any way?

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As usual, the full script is below.

John: I’ve been looking into the history of how Jesus was born.

Sarah D.: And what did you found out?

John: They borrowed bits of other stories, and incorporated them into the Christmas story.

Dan: Like what other stories?

Greg: Some scholars think there are bits of Buddha’s birth story in the Christmas story.

Sarah K.: You know what this means.

Emma: Greg is going to take us in the time machine back to see the birth of Buddha.

Greg: You’re right! Here we go….

King Suddhodana: And how are you this morning, my queen?

Queen Maya: I had this dream last night. Four angels came and flew me up into the Himalayan mountains. Then I went inside a house made of gold. Before long, a white elephant showed up, and handed me a lotus flower.

King: Hmm. I’ll ask the sixty-four wise brahmins to explain this dream.

Brahmin 1: It’s very simple, your majesty.

Brhamin 2: It means that the queen is about to have a child.

Brahmin 3: And that child will become a great king.

Brahmin 4: Either that, or he’ll forsake home life to become a great religious teacher.

King: Well, I hope he becomes king. The salary is better.

Queen: King, it’s time for me to give birth. I’m going home to my parents.

King: I’m not sure that is a good idea. But I’ll send many followers to help you.

Brahmin 1: Uh oh, we’re stopping again.

Brahmin 2: The queen is getting out and sitting under a tree.

Brahmin 3: Look at that, she just gave birth to a baby boy.

Brahmin 4: Whoa, check this out. Four godlike beings showed up, and told her that her son is going to be great.

Brahmin 1: Wait a minute, that newborn baby is actually walking!

Brahmin 2: Look, he’s taking seven steps to the north!

Brahmin 3: And listen to the voices in the air, saying how great he’s going to be.

Dan: So just like the Christmas story, the story of Buddha’s birth also has angels and miracles.

Sarah K.: And gentle animals.

Emma: And wise men.

John: Exactly!

Sarah D.: But the gentle animal was an elephant. And Buddha’s story doesn’t have shepherds, or an innkeeper, or a manger.

Greg: Even so, you can see how the Christmas story might have borrowed from the story of Buddha’s birth.

Narrator: As every religion borrows from others….

British police box image: CC BY SA 2.0 Immanuel Burton

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