Possum still feels stressed, part one

A few months ago, Dr. Sharpie showed Possum some spiritual practices that might make him feel less stressed. Possum says those spiritual practices don’t work any more for him, but Sharpie has an idea….

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Possum: Sharpie, I’m still feeling stressed. What with the elections, and the pandemic, and too many Zoom meetings — I feel stressed.

Sharpie: When we talked about this back in August, I showed you some spiritual practices that can help with stress.

Possum: You showed Mr. Bear and me how to sit quietly and meditate, which worked for Mr. Bear….

[Scene from August video: Mr. Bear: That was really good!]

Possum: Not so much for me. And you showed me and Nanas a yoga video, and she liked it but not me.

Sharpie: But you liked the prayer I showed you.

Possum: Yeah, that we pretty good, especially because it was a prayer where I didn’t have to believe in God. I still remember that prayer. But I’m kind of bored with it now.

Sharpie: And we talked about how we could light the flaming chalice at dinner every day, to take time to reflect on how our day went. And we talked about how attending services at our congregation every week is a spiritual practice.

Possum: But I’m still stressed out! Can’t you show me some new spiritual practices?

Sharpie: But if I show you new spiritual practices, in a few months you’ll have the same problem.

Possum: Maybe spiritual practices don’t work for me.

Sharpie: Mm, I wouldn’t say that. The thing about spiritual practices is you have to keep doing them.

Possum: Yeah, but I get bored. That’s why I show up late for dinner, because I get bored by the chalice lighting. And why I sleep late on Sundays because sometimes the online services are kinda boring.

Sharpie: Sometimes spiritual practices DO get boring. When you’re learning how to do something, there often comes a time when you get stuck, and it feels boring. You can give up when you get stuck, or you can keep at it until you’re not stuck any more.

Possum: Does that mean you think I’m not working hard enough at my spiritual practices?

Sharpie: Mmm, it’s not hard work so much as being patient.

Possum: But I’m not a patient animal.

Sharpie: I’ll tell you what. Starting next week, we’ll look at some of the spiritual practices you liked. And I’ll show you some ways to keep at it, so you’re not stuck any more.

Possum: And you think that might help me feel less stressed?

Sharpie: Yes, I do.

Possum: Then I’ll give it a try. Let’s do it!

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