Possum still feels stressed, conclusion

In the final installment of this series, Possum feels better — as does Mr. Bear.

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As usual, full script is below.

Sharpie: Possum, last week I told you about a new way to do prayer.

Possum: Yeah, you showed me a kind of prayer where you think about the people you love. I tried it every night this week, just before I went to sleep, and it was really good. I like thinking about the people I love.

Sharpie: That’s great!

Possum: Yeah. I feel good about it.

Sharpie: I’ve noticed that you also started coming to dinner on time for our family chalice lighting. And that you now stick around for most of our congregation’s online worship service.

Possum: Yeah. It seems like now that I have a spiritual practice that works for me, I don’t get so bored with the family chalice lighting, and going to worship services. But I’m a little worried. Because what happens if I get stuck again?

Mr. Bear: That’s my problem. I’ve been doing silent meditation since last summer, and I like it a lot. But it hasn’t been going very well recently.

Sharpie: Maybe that’s because you’re worried about Ms. Bear?

Mr. Bear: Mm. partly. Ms. Bear has to travel a lot for her job, and because of the pandemic I’m worried about that.

Sharpie: When you’re worried about someone you love, it makes everything harder, doesn’t it?

Mr. Bear: Yes, it does. But that’s also the time when you need your spiritual practice more than ever.

Sharpie: That’s partly why I attend our congregation’s worship services. I find it helps to be part of a community who care, and who share my values.

Possum: I get it! I thought I didn’t like worship services because they’re boring. But our worship service is really about being with other people.

Mr. Bear: That’s true. Plus, after I attend our worship services, I get a boost for my sitting meditation.

Possum: And listening to Caring and Sharing is going to help me do prayers for the people I love!

Sharpie: That’s what religion is really all about — helping people connect with each other.

Mr. Bear: And connecting with something bigger than us.

Possum: Plus, it makes me feel less stressed!

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