Possum still feels stressed, part two

Sharpie gives Possum some new ideas about a spiritual practice, so Possum won’t feel bored.

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Full script below the fold….

Possum: Sharpie, remember you’re going to show me more about spiritual practices.

Sharpie: We were going to talk about one of the spiritual practices that you tried and liked, and I was going to show some ways to keep at it, so you won’t get stuck.

Possum: Right.

Sharpie: So which spiritual practice would you like to talk about?

Possum: Well, it may sound funny, but I’d like to try prayer. I mean, it sounds funny because I don’t believe in God.

Sharpie: You don’t have to believe in gods or goddesses to do spiritual practices. Thats because spiritual practices are about practice, not belief.

Possum: I still think it’s funny. Anyway, I like prayers because there’s something to do. I like to talk, and prayers are words, which is like talking.

Sharpie: But prayers are not working for you?

Possum: It’s just too hard. I memorized that prayer you showed me: “They drew a circle that shut me out / Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout, / But Love and I had the wit to win / We drew a circle that took them in.” But I get bored saying that poem over and over, and it’s too hard to memorize another poem.

Sharpie: There are other ways to do prayers.

Possum: Like what?

Sharpie: One of the ways that I like to do prayers is to think about all the people I love.

Possum: I don’t get it. What do you mean, you think about the people you love?

Sharpie: I think about everyone in our household, one after another, and what’s going on in their lives. For example, right now Ms. Bear is traveling, so I think about her, and hope that she stays safe.

Possum: I get it.

Sharpie: And this week, I’ve been thinking about you, because I know you’re stressed out, and I’m hoping that I can help you find a spiritual practice that makes you feel less stressed.

Possum: But what if you’re mad at someone, and not sure how much you love them?

Sharpie: I think about them anyway. I try not to think about why I’m mad at them.

Possum: OK, that actually makes sense. But with other people, like people you’re not mad at, why do you think about what’s going on in their lives? I mean, just thinking about those other peole isn’t going to change things for them.

Sharpie: That’s right, but I find it’s very calming to think about the people I love. And thinking about what matters to them right now helps me to think about them.

Possum: That’s pretty cool. I’m a very social animal, and I like thinking about other people. I especially like thinking about the people I love. And thinking about what matters most to them makes sense. I think this kind of prayer is a good idea for an animal like me.

Sharpie: And you won’t get bored?

And I don’t have to memorize anything. This kind of prayer works me!

Sharpie: So you’ll give it a try?

Possum: No, I won’t get bored. And I don’t have to memorize anything. I’ll try it for a whole week, every night before I got to sleep.

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