Possum feels stressed, part two

The second video in the Possum Feels Stressed series. Mindfulness meditation didn’t work out as a stress-reliever for Possum, and in this episode he and his friend Nanas the monkey try yoga…

Possum falls over while trying to do yoga.
Clicking on the photo above will take you to the video on Youtube.

The script is below, for those who like that sort of thing. Be warned, it got changed a bit in performance and editing.

Possum: Sharpie, don’t forget that you were going to show me about yoga.

Sharpie: That’s right. You said you felt stressed because of global climate change, and because your human friends are worried about COVID, racism, and the elections.

Possum: Right.

Sharpie: And I showed you how to do sitting meditation, but sitting still isn’t something you like to do.

Possum: Right. And now we’re going to do yoga. And after I learn how to do yoga, maybe I won’t feel so stressed out. What is yoga, anyway?

Sharpie: What we call “yoga,” or more properly called “hatha yoga,” is one of a set of Hindu spiritual practices, which also includes bhakti or devtional yoga, jnana or knowledge yoga, and karma yoga. Hatha yoga consists of asanas, or postures, and dates back to the Vedic… [sees Possum staring at him] …What?

Possum: Sharpie, this is too complicated for me. I just want something to help me feel less stress.

Sharpie: Well, honestly, I don’t really know how to do yoga myself. But a friend of mine who’s a yoga teacher recommended an online video on beginner yoga that you could watch.

Possum: Let’s do it!

Sharpie [setting up laptop]: Here, let me find that video….

Nanas: What’s going on, guys?

Possum: I’m going to learn how to do yoga, Nanas.

Nanas: I want to try, too!

Possum: This might be too hard for a little monkey like you.

Nanas: Pleeeease?

Possum: Sure, why not!

Sharpie [at laptop]: OK, the video is all set up.

[Possum and Nanas in front of laptop, watching a video]

Voiceover: Now lift your left hand up and move your right hand down. Keep your spine long

[Shots of Nanas and Possum doing yoga. Possum falls over.]

[Shot of Nanas in lotus position; Possum has given up and is sitting, shoulders hunched]

Sharpie: How was it learning yoga?

Possum: Good, I guess. Nanas had fun. She’s still sitting in lotus position and meditating.

Sharpie: Possum, how did it go for YOU?

Possum: Yoga was too hard for me. I know, I know — you have to keep doing it so you can get better. But it just didn’t feel good for my body. If I want exercise, I can just go outside and raid compost piles.

Sharpie: Well, mindfulness meditation didn’t work for you. Yoga didn’t work for you. I know you like talking, so next week we’ll try something that involves word.

Possum: Sounds great, let’s do it!

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