Contestants on a Game Show! part 1

The first installment of the Contestants on a Game Show! video series:

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Here’s the full script as written, though it may have been modified in performance or in editing:

Sarah: I heard that because of COVID, our congregation is losing lots of rental income.

John: How can we raise money to help? I’ve got it! We’ll be contestants on game shows.

Sarah: Whatever prize money we win, we’ll give to the congregation!

John: Let’s start with our favorite game show….

Offscreen announcer while Greg is on screen smiling: Here’s Alex Tribble!

Greg: This is Lethargy, America’s favorite answer and question show. Today’s contestants are John and Francesca from Silicon Valley. And our returning contestant is Sigmund Freud, from Freiberg, Austria.

John: Hi!

Sarah: Hi!

Sigmund Freud: Hi.

Greg: Here are the three categories for in this round: Famous Unitarians, Famous Universalists, and Famous Unitarian Universalists.

Sigmund: What is this Universalist Unitarian nonsense?

Sarah: I’ll take Famous Unitarians for $200.

Greg: She wrote the famous children’s book Little Women.

Francesca [hitting buzzer]: Oo, oo, I know! Who was Louisa May Alcott?

Greg: That’s correct.

John: I’ll take Famous Universalists for $500.

Greg: He started a famous circus.

John [hitting buzzer]: Who was P. T. Barnum?

Greg: That’s correct.

Sigmund Freud: I choose Famous Unitarian Universalists for $1000!

Greg: The answer is: The inventor of the World Wide Web.

Sigmund [hitting buzzer]: What is the interpretation of dreams?

Greg: No….

Sarah [hitting buzzer]: Oo, I know! Who is Tim Berners-Lee?

Greg: That’s correct! Now it’s time for Final Lethargy. The category is: Unitarian Universalist hymns.

John and Sarah jumping up and down: OO! OO!

Greg: Whoever gets this right wins $100,000! And the answer is: The hymn with a rose in wintertime.

Sarah (hitting her buzzer): I know! What is “Come Sing a Song with Me”?

John (hitting his buzzer): I know! What is “Come Sing a Song with Me”?

Sigmund (looking confused): What? What is this rose? Are you all neurotic?

Greg: John and Francesca, you each win $100,000! Today’s third place contestant wins a beautiful lounge suite.

Sigmund (looking furious): I hate lounge suites.

John: Wow, we won!

Sarah: We have $200,000 to give to our congregation!

Greg: Tune in next week when I host another game show….

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