Stuffed Animal Sleepover introduction

A video to introduce the stuffed animal sleepover:

Clicking on the photo above will take you to the Youtube video

Here’s the full script as written, though it was significantly modified in performance or in editing:

Mr. Bear: Hello, everybody! I’m Mr. Bear, next to me is Ms. Bear, and over there typing on the computer is Dr. Sharpie Ann.

Ms. Bear: Mr. Bear and I will be chaperoning a Stuffed Animal Sleepover at UUCPA from Friday, June 19, through Sunday, June 21. And Sharpie will be posting photos on the UUCPA Facebook page. Are you sure you know how to do that, Sharpie?

Mr. Bear: She has a Ph.D. in CS from MIT, a Ph.D. in physics from Caltech, and she’s a lead researcher on CERN’s large hadron collider. I think she can handle Facebook, Ms. Bear.

Ms. Bear: We’re going to have lots of fun on the Stuffed Animal Sleepover. Even though UUCPA’s buildings are closed to humans, they’re not closed to us stuffed animals.

Mr. Bear: We’ll spend Friday night in quarantine. On Saturday, we’ll visit our favorite places on campus. Saturday evening, Ms. Bear will show a Wallace and Gromit movie — I love Wallace and Gromit!

Ms. Bear: We’ll get up in time pick flowers so we can be in the Flower Communion service with Amy, our senior minister. It’s too bad that humans can’t be at the Flower Communion in person, but we stuffed animals can be there!

Mr. Bear: However, remember that only stuffies whose humans are 18 or under can come on the sleep-over.

Ms. Bear: Please ask your human to register you in advance, so we can have a name tag for you. Tell your human the details are in the June CYRE newsletter. Or email Dr. Sharpie.

Mr. Bear: Sharpie already put her email address on the screen where everyone can see it!

Ms. Bear: Stuffies, we hope to see you on Friday!

Mr. Bear: See you soon!

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