Back in Time, part 4

The fourth installment of the Back in Time series:

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Here’s the full script as written, though it may have been modified in performance or in editing:

Barnabas and Ishmael have the same background — countryside around Jerusalem — as they are walking together side by side tot he city.

Barnabas: Well, Ishmael, it’s been a long walk, but we made it to Jerusalem. [glancing to his left as if looking at Ishmael] Everyone who’s Jewish like us should visit Jerusalem at least once. Won’t it be amazing to see the great Temple?

Ishmael: I still can’t believe you talked me into going to Jerusalem to join the followers of Jesus. [looking to his right as if looking at Barnabas] I still can’t believe you talked me into selling everything I owned and giving it to the poor.

Barnabas: Well, you kept talking about Jesus all the time, so I figured you would want to go with me. Besides, your business wasn’t doing very well anyway. Ah, there’s the person who’s supposed to meet us.

Tecla: Are you Barnabas and Ishmael?

Barnabas: Yes, that’s us.

Tecla: Good, you’re the people I’m supposed to meet. I’m Tecla, one of the leaders of the people who follow the teachings of Jesus.

Ishmael: Wait a minute, but you’re a woman! How a woman be a leader?

Tecla: We who follow the teaching of Jesus treat everyone the way we ourselves would like to be treated. So of course some of our leaders are women.

Barnabas: Thank you for meeting us Tecla. Don’t mind Ishmael. He’s actually very enthusiastic about Jesus.

Ishmael: It’s true, Jesus was amazing! He walked on water, and they say he was the son of God!

Tecla: Whoa, don’t say that where the Romans can hear you! The Romans say that the emperor is the son of God. If they hear you saying that Jesus was the son of God, they will think we’re starting a rebellion. And we could get into BIG trouble.

Ishmael: But they say —

Barnabas [glancing to his left as if looking at Ishmael]: Ishmael, shush! It’s OK, Tecla, I’ll make sure he’s more careful about what he says.

Tecla: Good. The Romans don’t like the fact that we’re feeding the hungry and helping the poor. They say we’re attacking the Roman way of life. It’s dangerous being one of the followers of Jesus. But here, let me take you to the house where you’ll be staying.

Ishmael: Wait a minute! Dangerous? What have I gotten myself into? Hey! Barnabas and Tecla, wait for me!

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