Conference on religion and the environment

I just received a call for papers for the third annual conference “Sacred Texts and Human Contexts: Nature and Environment in the Sacred Texts of World Religions,” sponsored by Nazareth College in collaboration with Hobart William-Smith College. The conference poster asks the following “foundational questions”:

“How do religions integrate the discoveries of science with the teachings of tradition with respect to environmental
“How do environmental scientists look into contemporary environmental issues?
“What roles have been and can be played by faith communities in enhancing protection of nature and environment?
“How do women in faith communities respond to the contemporary environmental catastrophe?
“Do our sacred texts declare any actions to be immoral regarding dealing with nature and environment?”

Sounds like a pretty interesting conference, and I’m going to think seriously about attending. More information on submitting proposals, and on conference registration, online here.

Sacred Texts and Human Contexts conference poster