Conversation I had with our senior minister yesterday:

Senior minister: I’ve been thinking about low turnout in our evening classes. What are we going to do about adultery?

Me: Wha—? Oh! — you mean “adult RE.”

Senior minister: Um, that’s what I said. [Looks at me strangely.]

Me: [explaining that when one pronounces “adult” with a soft “a” sound and the accent on the second syllable, “adult RE” sounds like “ah-DULT-ah-ree.”] So you have to say it: “A-dult”.

Senior minister: [laughing]

4 thoughts on “Pronunciation”

  1. Amy, pun intended? “ARE” being a common abbreviation for “adult religious education”….

  2. No, just lazy person’s HTML. Too much trouble to type the code for italics. But I’d better leave this subject since I clearly can’t talk about it without putting my foot in my mouth! *carefully checks preceding for double entendres, decides only a middle-schooler could see any, clicks “post”*

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