16 SATB Xmas carols and songs

I’ve added a new Web page with 16 Christmas carols and songs, in basic SATB arrangements (one is STB) — including carols not in the current Unitarian Universalist (UU) hymnals (like “Jingle Bells”), carols with words from older UU hymnals (like “Joy to the World”), etc. You can find the page here.

(Yes, I know Christmas is over for the year. I’ve been meaning to put these online for a couple of years, I never seem to have time to do it before Christmas, so I’m going to put them up now.)

One thought on “16 SATB Xmas carols and songs”

  1. Thanks for posting these, Dan. I am involved in several music groups at my church and am slated to head up the Music Committee, so these resources are invaluable. I also enjoy composing and arranging music–have you found the UUA Musician’s Network to be a good resource for sharing ideas? I have ordered your Folk Choir book and look forward to using it.

    Two specific comments on your Christmas selections: I agree that Star in the East is one of the most beautiful hymns, and the words are also beautiful, literal meaning aside. And second–yes, there is never enough figgy pudding! We won’t go until we get some!

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