Red Sox clergy

What’s the well-dressed clergyperson from Red Sox Nation wearing today? Well, obviously it depends on which faith tradition you’re part of. Since I’m from a faith tradition that requires Biblical knowledge in its clergy, an obvious choice for me is some kind of Red Sox garb in a Biblical language. No, not Koine Greek — that message of loving your enemies is not a good fit with the World Series. The teleology of Revelation is not exactly the kind of thing I’m looking for either. Definitely not Koine Greek.

Hebrew, on the other hand — the language of Moses and the story of the journey to the Promised Land — and, in case the Sox lose, the language of Jeremiah — Hebrew strikes me as a good Biblical language for Red Sox clergy. So today I’m wearing the hat that my friend the rabbi gave to me:


Yeah. Go, Sox!

2 thoughts on “Red Sox clergy”

  1. Way to go! The Sox can’t lose with God on their side, now can they?

    You could also put it in the original Hebrew, “Garbayim Adomot.” Now I’m wondering whether socks existed at the time of the Hebrew Bible.

    My father, a Mets fan of more classical than Biblical bent, always says, “Eamus Metropoli!”

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