Independence Day, Acton, Mass.

Independence Day in Acton, Massachusetts: It was blazing hot and the sky was a perfect New England blue with a few clouds. We went to Nara Park. The chair of the Board of Selectmen read a proclamation. Someone read the Gettysburg Address, then a color guard in Civil War uniforms fired their rifles. I ate a pulled pork sandwich I got from the Lions, Abby had fried chicken from a food truck, Jim ate a hotdog, Carol ate some of my potato chips. A Beatles cover band played. We left before the fireworks so we could sit in Abby and Jim’s living room and watch “Little Britain.” We went to bed late.


Above: Independence Day sunset, Acton, Mass.

2 thoughts on “Independence Day, Acton, Mass.”

  1. Sorry about the overdose of Little Britain!! We probably like it a bit too much…
    Love the photo!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE Little Britain! I agree, we probably like it too much, too, but I think it gets funnier every time we watch it.

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