Which one would you attend?

An old friend called me up yesterday, and told me a story. They were traveling, in a strange city over a weekend, and wanted to go to church. The sermon topic at the local Unitarian Universalist church: “Consciousness.” The sermon topic at the hip Christian church in town: “Bad Girls of the Bible.”

If this were you, which church would you attend? — and why?

10 thoughts on “Which one would you attend?”

  1. Great quandary!
    I’d go to Bad Girls and then flit to the UU church for coffee hour, if there was any chance there’d be good snacks there.

  2. It’s funny of course. Do you choose titillation or boredom? Do you choose hip or ossified? Or do you follow a different paradigm for deciding whether to attend a service than the advertised sermon title or topic?

  3. Ha! Bad girls for sure! Unless I knew enough about the preacher’s theology to be pretty sure it was going to be a dull sermon (“don’t sin”) hiding behind a good hook.

    Likewise, if the UU minister had a good reputation I’d forgive the dull titling and take a chance. But if the titles were all I knew…bring on Jezebel.

  4. Is this a trick question? “Bad Girls” of course! “Consciousness”… yawn., wake me went it’s over

  5. Gee? Given evidence of past homiletic effort, I can’t imagine either venu has a tell-the-truth grasp of their announced subject.

  6. And the winner is…

    Carol wins the prize for the best answer — she gets a piece of Fair Trade milk chocolate.

    Jean gets the prize for most curmudegeonly comment — she gets a piece of Fair Trade milk chocolate with a nasty aftertaste of political correctness (so she has something to complain about).

  7. (psssst…Dan…I agree with Carol – I don’t like the new blog design, either… :( )

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