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I’ve been talking with some people I know, and we’ve been brainstorming about the next UU app for Android and/or Apple iOS. Since some of these folks have experience in software and app development, this is not just a pipe dream. At the moment, we’re talking about really basic stuff, like an app for your congregation that lets you know the sermon topic for the week, then on Sunday provides you with an order of service so you don’t have to kill trees by taking a paper order of service. But I’m seeing this as just a first step.

So here’s my question — what UU app do you really want to see on your smartphone and/or tablet?

5 thoughts on “The next UU app”

  1. An app that shows me every UU church within a hundred miles, along with what a synopsis of the upcoming Sunday’s services for each one. Makes it easy to figure out where I’m going when I wake up Sunday morning.

  2. Matt, great idea! (And doing this for Northern California is actually well within the realm of possibility….)

  3. I wonder how hard it would be to add a “find a congregation near you” to the existing “Illuminations” iOS and Android app?

    The next version should have that feature so it hooks into Google Maps and the phone’s GPS. That would be handy for travelers who want to attend UU congregations when away from home.

  4. The UU Media Collaborative is creating so many awesome images that can be used by congregations & individuals to spread UU ideas and messages… How about an app that serves up UU-themed images by searchable subject/keyword and let you share them to directly FB, Twitter, Pinterest or simply download & save them straight from the app?

    Also, we’ve been bouncing around the idea of finding a simple way for UU’s all over to capture inspirational or powerful quotes from other UU’s & UU clergy, and share them. We briefly discussed using a twitter hashtag- but length of tweets would become an issue. Perhaps an app that allows people to submit quotes and makes them available for others to search. We have a living tradition full of amazing minds and spirits- yet every time I go looking for good quotes- they’re from old, dead white guys. Brilliant men, but we need to hear from people of today on topics that are important to us today… so that we can make them into the awesome graphics I mentioned above! ;-)

  5. listen/watch last weeks sermon
    YouTube Channel
    Pay My Pledge
    Church Calendar
    Member Directory-limited access to members only. [with integrated dialing]

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