UU kids and politics

I’m often impressed by Unitarian Universalist kids. They have this tendency to take our values seriously, and actually try to live out our values.

Here’s a video about the presidential election, from a second grader whose family is part of our church here in Palo Alto (her family gave me permission to share this on my blog). Whether or not you share her political opinions, she is articulate, personable, and fun — able to express her views politely and respectfully — just the way we want our UU kids to be. Nor is it surprising that a UU kid would get involved in politics at a young age — after all, we do encourage our kids to live out their values in the real world.

One thought on “UU kids and politics”

  1. What an awesome kid. Thanks for sharing!!

    P.S. Tell her that not only am I voting for Barack Obama, I have TWO Obama stickers on my car…which sits in a very public parking lot all day while I work. :)

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