Excessive cuteness

Litterboxcam has gone the way of all mortal things, and is no more. What to watch instead when one is trying to procrastinate? Carol pointed me to Puppy Live Cam: Holly’s Half Dozen. The best thing is it prevents me from procrastinating for too long: I can only stand watching it for about a minute before I have to go back to work or be overwhelmed by excessive cuteness.

8 thoughts on “Excessive cuteness”

  1. Ok, so I barely got past the first word – there was a Litterboxcam?
    I’m a total cat lover, but that grosses even me out!! Blech!!!
    The puppies are cute, though. For dogs.

  2. You and Carol need a puppy. Yes *need* a puppy. They are cute, but only on video. Up close and for real, they are kind of like two year old children who also chew things, pee randomly throughout the house, eat your shoes, poop behind bookshelves, and yes, chew things.

    However. They are also very good at unconditional love, pure Zen-like joy, spontaneous acts of play, and moments of profound relaxation. Every city person needs a puppy. I say so.

  3. Have they dealt with a puppy before, can they give it the proper attention? What is the appropriate dog type (lab, chihuahua, border collie, …) for a UU minister?

  4. Abs, they were covered litterboxes, along with cat climbing structures, and food and water dishes. It wasn’t gross at all.

    Sorry, Jean, no puppies in our household. I’m allergic (both to dogs and to cuteness).

    Erp, the appropriate dog for this UU minister is none of the above. As the dyslexic atheist said, I don’t believe in Dog.

  5. Ah, Dan. You really need a dog. There are low-no-allergy dogs. I’m sure they aren’t cute.

  6. Well there are other types of animals out there (or even pet rocks, a non-cute flint nodule perhaps).

  7. Jean — Your suggestion can be written as an equation. If we multiply both sides of this equation by one over dog, the dog on my side of this equation cancels out, leaving the inverse of dog (one over dog) on your side of the equation, so you will have an inverted dog, while I will have no dog, just the number 1. Then we could multiply both sides of the equation by the square root of -1, leaving me with an imaginary number, and you with an imaginary inverted dog, which will probably require less care than a real inverted dog.

    Erp — Hmm, a flint nodule sounds very gneiss.

  8. We like dogs so much that we don’t have one.
    Dog wouldn’t have much space to roam here.
    And I’m not on board with picking up poop in plastic bags, although I think that’s a smart urban policy.
    And: very hard to find an apartment where pets are allowed.

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