New publishing venture

A new publishing venture called uu&me Publishing has just issued their first book, About Death. It looks like a great book to talk about death with kids.

uu&me was a magazine that grew out of the work of the Church of the Larger Fellowship, and eventually was included as an insert in UU World magazine, until it was slashed in 2009 due to budget cuts. The current kids’ insert in UU World magazine recycles materials from curriculum books, and just isn’t as much fun. I have kept all my back issues of uu&me, and still refer to them (full disclosure: I had material published in the final issue of uu&me).

On their Web site, uu&me Publishing indicates that they will be collecting material from back numbers of uu&me for a new series of kids’ books. Let’s all buy their books, and encourage them, and maybe they’ll start producing some new material as well!