Fever dreams

For the first time in years, I’m running a fever. It’s been so many years, I’d forgotten what it can be like to have a fever: the way you can feel like you’re not quite in this reality, the hazy thinking, and so on.

It’s not much of a fever, so I’m not getting any fever dreams, which is a little disappointing. I remember having a fever when I was about seven, and hallucinating that a UFO flew by the bedroom window; the UFO looked exactly the rubber stopper we used to plug up the bath tub, so it was obvious that this was not a UFO; nevertheless, I was convinced that I had indeed seen a UFO, and I remained convinced for some years after that. Such are the power of fever dreams.

I can’t help but notice some similarity between fever dreams and mystical experiences: the vague sense of unreality, strange visions, and so on. The difference is that mystical experiences don’t leave you lethargic, thirsty, and unwilling to eat anything; nor are mystical experiences brought under control by taking aspirin.

3 thoughts on “Fever dreams”

  1. Has anyone tried taking aspirin for mystical experiences? It could be an anti-soma.

  2. Are you SURE that the rubber tub stopper wasn’t really a UFO? I always thought that it was…and I know I saw little green aliens cleaning the tub occasionally…

  3. Erp — Now that’s an interesting idea….

    Abs — Ah ha, so maybe I really was right….

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