One voice

I’ve been meaning to do a transcription of the Wailing Jennys’ song “One Voice.” It’s one of those singer-songwriter songs that seems made for liberal religious services. But now I don’t have to do a transcription, because some nice person made a transcription-arrangement (for SAB, and in a singable key too), and put it on the Web here.

4 thoughts on “One voice”

  1. We’ve done that one in a service, and it is to be recommended!

    That’s a weird transcription, though. 12 measures of rests at the end, spilling over into a useless page? Perhaps this was the transcriber’s first experience using Finale?

  2. It will be a long time before I forget the way we used this in a worship service after a time of great difficulty…when we came back together for a service of “ingathering” and those who were there were committed to sticking together…

  3. liberalreligiongetsloud — Yes, there are some problems with the typesetting. And the voice entries are not exactly the way the Wailin Jennys sing in on at least one YouTube video I watched. But what the heck, it’s easier than transcribing it from scratch.

    I think my next project is to come up with a simple lead sheet, then think about adapting it for congregational singing (as it stands it’s most suitable for a soloist and choir, or small ensemble). The folk process being what it is, there’s no reason to sing it just the way the Wailin Jennys sing it.

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