Toronto, I think

I’m in Toronto for the annual Religious Education Association annual meeting. This year’s topic is neuroscience and cognitive science as applied to religious education.

I say I’m in Toronto, except that the conference is in an airport hotel, which looks like every other airport hotel I’ve ever been in. The only way I know that I’m really in Toronto, and not in San Francisco, is that the airport had bilingual French and English signs.

4 thoughts on “Toronto, I think”

  1. If you’re at an airport hotel, you’re probably not actually in Toronto at all. Our big airport here in Southern Ontario, Toronto Pearson International Airport, is in Missasauga, not Toronto, despite the name. At least we’re having pretty decent weather for this time of year.

  2. Ms. M — Alors, c’est vrai que tout le monde parle francais au Canada. Unfortunately, my French grammar is so bad, I haven’t dared to try to speak French to anyone.

    Mr Busyhands — Alas, no poutine. But I did have some Tim Hortons coffee — much better than that Starbucks crap we have in the States.

    Jeff — You’re right, the conference is not even in Toronto, the hotel is just over the border in Missisauga. But tonight I walked about two kilometers east and had dinner in a restaurant in Toronto — so at least now I can say I’ve been in Toronto.

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